Clontarf 1014 has three variants, namely their: Classic Blend, Reserve and Single Malt. Clontarf used to be made of 100% of grain from Cooley, but today's grain also has an amount of malt in it, which makes it a blend. Their single malt is a simple generic malt, showcasing the importance of oak ageing
Clontarf Flavor Spiraltm
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The Clontarf Whiskey distillery is located in County Cork. The Whiskey is named after The Battle of Clontarf, that took place near Dublin in the year 1014.

King Brian Boru led his men to victory against the mighty Vikings in a long, hard-fought battle on Good Friday. The King died in battle, but afterwards the Vikings left Ireland alone, for the most part.

The story behind Clontarf is old, but the distillery is fairly new (2012). The Whiskey is triple distilled and aged in Bourbon barrels.
Distillery info:
  • Country Ireland
  • Established 2012
  • Owner Castle Brands Inc
  • Status Active
  • Address Castle Brands, Inc. 122 East 42nd Street Suite 4700 New York, NY 10168
  • Phone +1 646 356 0200
  • Website
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