Prepare yourselves, boys and girls. Time to embrace some Rhum* royalty. You see, this is one of those elite brands, any true Rhum aficionado should sample and experience.

Clément Rhum is the famous French sounding producer of Caribbean Rum. Located on the Island of Martinique — then a French colony — Homère Clément bought the local Domain de l’Agricole sugar cane plantation during the sugar crisis in 1887.

Knowing that cheap sugar-beet imports form South American would make raw sugar unprofitable for years to come, he transformed the plantation and production facility into one of the more famous Rum distilleries in the Caribbean.

Smartass Corner:
"Since when do you spell Rum with an 'h'?" Well the French do. Rhum Agricole is a style of Rum which originates from the French Caribbean islands. It’s not only spelled differently, it’s made differently. Most Rum is made of molasses, but Rhum Agricole is made from fresh sugar cane juice.
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