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City of London Dry Gin
I got this for my husband as he is the gin man, He really enjoys it and says every time he takes the cap off, the aroma takes him back to his college days and some good memories. It's strong and tasty - and his new favorite gin.
City of London Dry Gin
Awesomely smooth.
City of London Dry Gin
Makes a very good gin & tonic! Better than the Broker's.
City of London Dry Gin
This is a very good gin and something I will definitely get again.
City of London Dry Gin
Whether it's served with tonic or neat, this gin will not disappoint.
City of London Dry Gin
Love it. Very subtle hints of citrus with a delightfully dry body that makes it perfect to accompany any cocktail or just to drink it as is.
City of London Square Mile Gin
My first foray into higher end gins, having been traumatised by Gordon's and Schweppes when I was a teenager... This stuff is delicious, the tasting notes mentioned in the listing are all there. I'm showing no imagination at all when I say it is fantastic with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and lots of ice. You can tell I'm no expert on gins but this has really opened my eyes to the stuff, at the very least you won't regret trying some.
City of London Square Mile Gin
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