City of London Square Mile Gin

City of London

Square Mile

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City of London Square Mile Gin is a modern Gin with a bright aroma and a refreshingly loooong finish.
The City of London Distillery is as much a bar as it is a producer of quality adult beverages. Actually, to be accurate, they opened a distillery “in” a bar on December 20th, 2012… Johnathan Clark’s cocktail bar on Bride Street, London, to be precise. As you may imagine, if you open a distillery literally “inside” an operating cocktail bar, you do NOT have 30,000-gallon tanks. These guys are a micro-distillery from the get-go. 
Don’t get us wrong, these guys bought top-end equipment — professional-grade copper pot-stills from Germany. But they hold about 50 liters at a crack, so it will be quite a while before you find bottles of their quality hooch at the MegaMart. And with a name like “The City of London,” you better represent! And REPRESENT they do, producing five signature Gins in all of their classic juniper-licious glory

Your first question might be — why call it Square Mile? Well, if you write “city of London” with a lower-case “c” you are talking about the huge mega-city that most outsiders think of as London. If you write it as “The City of London” with a capital “C” you are talking about the ancient, Roman era borders that form a separate jurisdiction within the London metropolitan area. The nickname for this special area is “The Square Mile” because that’s just about the size of it. So, saying “The City of London Square Mile Gin” becomes a redundant insider joke. 
But The Square Mile is also the financial district, populated by international executives with Oxford MBA degrees wearing Saville Row suits. These guys want a top of the line, more modern Gin and that’s what City of London Square Mile Gin is. They add a bit of orris root, more citrus, and a few additional herbal notes to their classic London Dry recipe. The result is more aromatic, with juniper giving way to a piney-eucalyptus feel and a longer finish. It is also their most award-winning Gin, but you’ll just call it delicious. 


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  • Style
    London Dry Gin
  • Region
  • Country
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    City of London
  • Bottler
    City of London Distillery

Flavour Spiral™

About The Flavour Spiral

zesty citrus
lemon zest
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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Crystal Clear
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Juniper and pine wood, wet basil, and a solid dash of lemon zest
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Creamy mouth-feel and earthy pine notes  
Lingering spicy tang

Flavour Spiral
zesty, pine, spicy, earthy, zesty citrus, lemon zest, herbs, coriander, juniper

Smart-ass Corner
The Square Mile is the formal City of London and it has a separate police force and even a seat in the House of Commons. As the heart of the financial district in one of the most important banking centers of the world, the financial institutions within this small section manage more than $20 trillion dollars in assets. While most cities are measured by their population density, The Square Mile has the highest “financial density” in the world. 
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