Spiral City of London Dry Gin
City of London
Dry Gin
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Color
Crystal Clear
Nose / Aroma / Smell
The juniper and zest shine through 
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Savory, clean-drinking, and dry with natural herbals and a bit of pepper  
Smooth and grassy with a hint of pepper 

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City of London Dry Gin is really, really good from the stiff upper lip to the first lovely sip.    
The City of London Distillery is as much a bar as it is a producer of quality adult beverages. Actually, to be accurate, they opened a distillery “in” a bar on December 20th, 2012… Johnathan Clark’s cocktail bar on Bride Street, London, to be precise. As you may imagine, if you open a distillery literally “inside” an operating cocktail bar, you do NOT have 30,000-gallon tanks. These guys are a micro-distillery from the get-go. 
Don’t get us wrong, these guys bought top-end equipment — professional-grade copper pot-stills from Germany. But they hold about 50 liters at a crack, so it will be quite a while before you find bottles of their quality hooch at the MegaMart. And with a name like “The City of London,” you better represent! And REPRESENT they do, producing five signature Gins in all of their classic juniper-licious glory
City of London Dry Gin is — as you might expect — a spot-on, faithful reproduction of a classic London Dry style recipe. Anything else would be improper. Sure, the good chaps at the City of London Distillery make a range of Gins, but you ALWAYS start with the basics. And this London Dry Gin is really, really good from the stiff upper lip to the first lovely sip. 
The herbal infusions are just what you want: juniper, angelica, licorice, coriander seed, and a medley of citrus zests. Have you been to London yet? The entire town drips with tradition and culture. City of London Dry Gin tastes like you are standing in a bright red phone booth on a foggy day while a double-decker bus drives by… oh, and you had fish and chips for lunch at the pub while reading “The Times” and wearing a bowler hat. 

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    London Dry Gin
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    United Kingdom
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City of London Dry Gin

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Love it. Very subtle hints of citrus with a delightfully dry body that makes it perfect to accompany any cocktail or just to drink it as is.
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