Chestnut Farms

The bottle has the defined shoulders of a Whiskey bottle, but the modern, delicate design details of a fine Napa Wine. The Bourbon inside is a top-tier example of boutique Bourbon making even though it comes from Sazerac’s Barton Distillery.

This small production specialty dram isn’t available everywhere, but it is a double-gold winner in San Francisco (double-gold means that it was voted number one unanimously). 

With your first sip you get peaches, Cracker-Jacks, green apple, tangerines, sultanas, cream, mint, vanilla, baking spices, and oak. It is a Bourbon party in the mouth. And at 45% ABV, you won’t miss any of the flavor or aroma. And it is a solid value too.
Chestnut Farms Flavor Spiraltm
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