dried fruit
Spiral Charbay Tahitian Vanilla Bean Rum
Tahitian Vanilla Bean
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Color
Light honey gold

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Vanilla, Honey, Cinnamon

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Chocolate, Dried fruit, Tobacco

Clean and bitter-sweet
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Mixed or neat, it’s quite a treat.

Charbay is a small distillery from Napa County, nestled in the heart of California wine country. The family prides itself on being one of the early pioneers of modern American craft spirits movement. They began distilling in 1983 after their founder Miles Karakasevic emigrated to the US and haven’t looked back, carrying on the family’s heritage of fermenting & distilling that dates back to 18th century Balkans. Miles is already a 12th generation master distiller. He knows a thing or two about crafting a decent Spirit - decent being the understatement of the year.

Their product line includes a whole range of different brews, from Vodka, Gin, Whisky, Tequila, and Rum. The Karakasevic family is set on constant innovation and experimentation when it comes to the production of Spirits. They’re constantly expanding their already impressive portfolio, and that makes us very happy. But this is not a story about quantity, but quality. No colors, essences or “natural flavors” are ever added in the production process. A case study in unadulterated simplicity, they definitely know what they’re doing.

You only need to go as far as Charbay Tahitian Vanilla Rum to see what we’re talking about. This time ‘round, Miles extracted pure Tahitian Vanilla beans, known for their exceptional fragrance and combined the extract with Charbay Rum. For the base, fresh sugar cane honey from Hawaii and Jamaica was sourced and distilled with their copper Alambic pot still. Only lightly filtered to preserve the body, mouthfeel, and fragrance of tropical sugar cane. The end result is an extremely gentle, smooth and sweet Rum, perfect for sipping neat or mixed in your favorite cocktail. Either way, you can’t miss with this one. We expected nothing less from such a prolific and out-and-out thorough distillery.
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  • Region
    Napa County, California
  • Country
    United States
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Tahitian Vanilla Bean

(0.75l, 35%)

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Member Reviews and Ratings of Charbay Tahitian Vanilla Bean Rum
Not a fan of this rum, I'll keep it on hand to share with others in hopes that it was not a wasted purchase. The front loaded alcohol taste and aroma almost makes this rum medicinal in bite. There is a faint aftertaste reminding me of vanilla in the finish, but there is nothing satisfying about the drink itself. I will not repeat.
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