Chapin & Gore

Chapin and Gore was a distilling company in Chicago in the late 1800s through the early 1900s. They became something of local heroes during the Chicago Fire of 1871, when they rolled several casks of their aging product into Lake Michigan to save them from the fire.

This “fire Whiskey” became a sensation and they sold off jugs of the stuff for greatly inflated prices. This funded their rebuilding and expansion after the disaster. The brick Chapin and Gore Building that they built for their company is still used in Chicago, as home to the Chicago Symphony.

The brand was discontinued during Prohibition, but was revived shortly thereafter. Chapin and Gore is still available in select markets, as Chapin and Gore Old Reserve.

Many people know it simply as C&G. It is a lower-mid market brand produced by Heaven Hill Distillery. It is available in larger bottles at 40% ABV.
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