Century Reserve

When Highwood purchased Potter’s Distilleries in 2005, part of the deal was that they got to keep all standing inventory. Highwood had a new storage warehouse at their main distillery, so trucks were sent to transport the casks to the new building.

Turns out that there were a bunch of very old Canadian Rye Whisky mixed into the inventory. They set these casks aside for a continual release of something rather rare — a twenty-one year old Canadian Rye Whisky.

But the word “Rye” in this context can be confusing since it does not refer to the grain used, but rather the style and process. It is actually a single grain corn Whisky. And it is a very good one.

Century Reserve is smooth, almost elegant (those are normally words reserved for finely aged single malts). The palate has gentle, swirling notes of warm almond and orange zest with cedar wood and a bit of tobacco.
Century Reserve Flavor Spiraltm
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