United Kingdom, Scotland
There are rumors that several independent bottlers issued special editions over the years. But so far we have not been able to locate a bottle ourselves, nor anyone who has tasted a dram.
Carsebridge Flavor Spiraltm
  • berries
  • port
  • spicy
  • sherry
  • grain
  • sweet
  • toasted oak
  • smoky
  • stewed fruit
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Carsebridge has one claim to fame: it was one of the first to use the variable, continuous Coffey stills, which greatly increased output.


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Carsebridge sat in the town of Alloa, by the River Forth, as it spills out into the Firth of Forth. This is about 20 miles west-by-northwest of Edinburgh, on the east coast of Scotland.

Carsebridge distillery was founded in 1799, by John Bald & Co. Interestingly, it spent its first half century as a single malt distillery. But they switched to grain distillation due to the rising popularity of blends, and a surge in demand for relatively neutral grain spirits.

Sadly, the facility was mothballed before its 84th birthday in 1983. Nothing was maintained, and the facility was abandonded. In 1992, the place was stripped for scrap and the buildings were demolished.
Distillery info:
  • Country United Kingdom, Scotland
  • Region Lowlands
  • Established 1799
  • Owner Scottish Grain Distillers
  • Type Grain
  • No. of stills 3 Coffey
  • Status Active
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