Caribou Crossing

Founded in 2010
Caribou Crossing is a rare thing to find in the marketplace for Canadian spirits — a single barrel offering. Sazerac has a standing inventory of over 200k barrels of aging Canadian Whisky stock.

Caribou Crossing is their top-of-the-line Canadian offering, so Sazerac did what they did with some of their premium Bourbon products — they produced a single barrel offering. And Caribou Crossing has been well-received.

Several reviewers have commented that that Caribou Crossing has almost Cognac-like qualities, but with the spice of a Rye. This is coupled with a rich and creamy mouth-feel, that is hard not to love.

But remember that this is a single barrel product — so there will be no blending to balance the nuances of individual casks, so the finished products vary. 
Caribou Crossing Flavor Spiraltm
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