Cambridge Distillery Truffle Gin

Cambridge Distillery Truffle Gin

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A decadent Gin made with some of the most valuable botanicals on earth, including rare white truffles.

Cambridge Distillery was founded in 2011 by William and Lucy Lowe. Their stated objective was to "… capture the taste of the English seasons using botanicals grown in and around their home" in Cambridge, UK. And while there are many fine Gin products being produced these days, the laser-like focus of Cambridge Distillery is on ultra-premium Spirit production using extreme precision and some of the finest ingredients possible. Their showroom distillery looks more like a laboratory with beakers and equipment to test every step in the process and has earned them the distinction of "Most Innovative Distillery in the World" three times over, among other notable awards and distinctions.

Cambridge Distillery Truffle Gin is just as the name implies. In addition to the traditional London Dry botanicals of juniper, angelica, etc., this exceptional Gin is made using one of the rarest and most expensive botanicals in the worldwhite truffle from Piedmont, Italy. In fact, these rare white truffles cost more than gold pound-for-pound. The result is a rich and earthy flavor profile over a decadent mouth feel that one normally associates with a fine, aged Spirit. The distillery calls this Spirit the world’s first Gin digestif.

Flavor Spiral™

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black pepper
citrus zest
What does Cambridge Distillery Truffle Gin taste like?

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Dog Dogson's
Juniper berry is the main ingredient of Gin. They are usually picked wild by independent workers throughout Europe and sold via distributors to Gin makers worldwide.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color

Nose / Aroma / Smell
The aroma is herbal and alive with notes of Za’Atar, menthol, citrus zest, and a meadow after a fresh rain.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Juniper and resin meet the tongue first, followed by black pepper and a distant floral note.

The finish is very long for a Gin with a melange of lingering herbs.

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Ratings & Reviews
I do not normally like gin, but this Bottle was excellent and worth buying. I could buy another one as well.
The bottle arrived today, it has a great look to it, also the glass stopper adds to the feel. Right after work I had to immediately try it: upon nosing the truffle is very dominant but just in the right amount so that you want to smell it again and again, also I want to say I smell bark and the berry juniper once the truffle smell has vanished. Drinking this gin neat it is at first spicy and peppery while at the end you taste the juniper and the truffle mildly which maintains its taste in your mouth for long. Also as a G&T it's absolutely worth it, the experience is not as intense as if you drink it neat but still very tasty, especially if you're a truffle lover. Can definitely suggest this to anyone who has a taste for truffle and wants to add something very different and special to his/her gin collecction
Mmmm......neat it is super dry earthy taste , smooth in martini and G&T......excellent and definately on my bar now.
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