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Novo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaça
Sounds better than it is. It's very strong, has a barrel-aged taste to it, not dissimilar to whiskey, but not as smooth as whiskey. Further, you can't really drink it straight, it's overpowering. Instead, try it with a mixed drink.
Novo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaça
A really solid clean cachaca
Avua Oak Cachaça
Is it going rBraemarlj
Leblon Cachaça
Strong sipper, heavy aroma of sugar up front and mellows out into a marshmallowy sweet finish. Not good for mixing!
Leblon Cachaça
Not sure yet
Avua Oak Cachaça
Avua Amburana Cachaca
Definitely reminds me of a savory cherry pie which more cherry than sugar filling. Because of that it’s savory on the front and the spice hits you on the back end. Not my typical go to, but found it at a local craft bar and thought I’d Tyra something new. I had a mixed drink before with this incorporated in it. It was good in a Manhattan like drink!
Leblon Light Cachaca
Very good!
Leblon Light Cachaca
This is a descent Cachaca. My personal favorite is Velho Barreiro.
Leblon Cachaça
It is a very good, intense, cane liqueur from Brazil made from pure sugar cane juice for a long complex finish.
Magnifica Reserva Soleira
Interesting, straight it tastes a bit like tequila, in water more like a mild whiskey.
Yaguara Cachaça
Excellent flavor. Quality example of this type of sprit.
Yaguara Cachaça
Great drink, well balanced and well rounded overall. Great for a kick of a classic like a negroni or other cocktails + perfect for a caipirinha