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The national Spirit of Brazil, Cachaça is basically distilled sugar cane juice.
If you think that sounds suspiciously like Rum, well, no. Most Rums are made with molasses, giving them a different flavor profile.

And while Brazil is fighting for geographic indication (like Champagne), this spellbindingly sweet Spirit can be found in countries throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America.
How do you pronounce Cachaça?
Cachaça vs. Rum
Cachaça is distilled from fermented sugarcane juice, while Rum i’s made entirely from sugarcane by-products, like molasses. Because Cachaça is derived directly from the sugarcane, it has a less sweet, and more grassy, sulfurous, earthy quality.
What is Caipirinha Cocktail?
Brazil's national cocktail is one of the simplest cocktails that you can make.  It's made with Cachaça, sugar, lime and served over ice.
Smartass corner
Brazilians consume about 11.5 liters of Cachaça per person every year, which accounts for 99% of all Cachaça production. If you couldn’t tell, Cachaça is kind of a big deal for Brazilians.
Distillers can sweeten the Liquor by adding sugar only in amounts less than six grams per liter. Sweetening distilled Cachaça is possible, but if producers add any more than six grams, the Liquor will have to be labeled “sweetened Cachaça.
Brazilians have more than 2,000 nicknames for Cachaça. “White coffee, “water that birds won’t drink,” “eyewash,” and “giver of laugh” are just a few.
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