barley sugar
malted barley
sweet fruit
Spiral Bunratty Irish Potcheen
Bunratty Winery
Bunratty Irish Potcheen
Tasting Notes
Colour / Appearance
Smell / Nose
Raw sugar, black licorice and candied citrus hints of honey and raspberry are also present with an astringent feel to it.
Taste / Palate
Some melon and honey sweetness balanced with earthy tones as your mouth warms to this historical spirit.
Very dry and medium in length finish that is surely different and unique.
Flavour Spiral
Barley Sugar, Dry, Honey, Malted Barley, Sweet, Creamy Vanilla, Sweet Fruit, Grassy, Liquorice.
Sean Lynch: “I chose Potcheen for its shady and illicit existence in Ireland.”
Many Irish artist have seen Potcheen not only as a part of history but an everyday life where it still holds a certain stigma, what we can see in the works of Steve Maher’s video and Bob Quinn’s film.  
Sean is an Irish visual artist seeking to re-create representations of a past erased from people’s consciousness, yet still existing in a disparate series of objects, events and narratives. He looks for objects that reconciles and enriches viewers understanding of history. Lynch presents these artifacts with a unique perspective and narration, which collides present with the past. 
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Spirit of Mountains.
Bunratty Winery comes from the historical County Clare which is largely encircled by lakes, and the hard edge of the Atlantic but the winery itself lies in the shadow of the 15th century Bunratty Castle. Originally the winery started making only Mead. Surrounded by mountains and valleys it embodies the spirit of times when Potcheen was pot stilled directly from grains over peat fires using fresh spring water from nearby mountain streams - it was enjoyed by a select few in circle of trust. This was supposed to change in 1661 when illegal distilling was banned, but locals retreated into the shelter of nature, where they could continue to distill amongst the spirit of the mountains. Only of recent 1997 (in the scheme of things) has Potcheen regained its legal status leading a number of distilleries to revive century old recipes and produce the truly genuine Potcheen.
Bunratty Irish Potcheen is distilled from Barley and is not aged at all, consequently it produces a very distinct and overpowering smell. Potcheen can also be made from various grains, sugar beet, potatoes or treacle. Aye it’s true moonshine that will grow you extra hair for sure.
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    Bunratty Fine Drinks
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    Bunratty Fine Drinks

Bunratty Winery

Bunratty Irish Potcheen

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Tastes and smells like nail polish remover
Much better tasting than the nose would lead you to believe. Sweet mild and spicy.
Tastes like nail polish remover.
Sake on steroids. Really! :)
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