Spiral Bundaberg Original Gold Rum
Original Gold
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Color
Rose Gold   
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Floral and spicy  
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Hints of vanilla and raw cinnamon  
Heat and sweet 
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Bundaberg Original Gold is Australia’s favorite drink … not only is this a home grown spirit with a rich tradition, but it is good stuff too.
Bundaberg Rumor “Bundy" as it is affectionately referred to in Australia—sports an iconic square bottle and a history that goes all the way back to 1888 when the city of Bundaberg was founded. Originally a logging camp, once the forests were cleared they started growing sugar cane. But after the sugar was produced they had gobs of molasses left over and no where to put it. It was too expensive to ship out, so a bunch of those enterprising Aussies got together and Bundaberg Rum was born.
Today, Bundaberg Distilling is a national institution producing a wide range of high-quality Rums along with a popular line of flavored beers and soft drinks. 
Forget all of those “Fosters” ads, Bundaberg Original Gold is Australia’s favorite drink. If you walk into an Aussie pub and order any Rum-based cocktail—a daiquiri, mojito, even a Rum and coke—they are going to assume that you want Bundaberg Original Gold as the base. And no wonder… not only is this a home grown spirit with a rich tradition, but it is good stuff too. 
Bundaberg Original Gold is their core product served up at 74 proof. It’s double-distilled, aged two years in oak, and it’s molasses-based… so it has the earthiness and character you would expect. More to the point, molasses Rums have a wonderful “perfume” quality to the aroma that you will like too. So pull up a chair, mate, and grab yourself a Bundy!
SmartAss Corner
Outside the local zoo, the nearest polar bear to Australia is more than 7,000 miles away. So how did “Bundy R. Bear” become the iconic logo of this Australian Rum? Leo Burnett—the famous/infamous ad agency—designed it in 1961 to help the company break through the perception at the time that Rum was a rough, salty, and hard drink for rough, salty, and hard men doing rough, salty, and hard things. It worked.
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Original Gold

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Spending my teens living in Queensland,it was my drink of choice.Now in my 40s living in Berlin,Germany,when I'm actually lucky enough to find a bottle,i am instantly reminded of youth with it's sweet,smooth flavour.
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