The most widely available expression of Bundaberg is their 37% ABV Underproof, which by definition isn’t technically Rum in Europe as it fails to make the 37.5% minimum level of alcoholic strength as defined under EU law.

Despite that, it’s massively popular in Australia with ‘Bundy and Coke’ being a regular request in bars. Bundaberg is distilled at the Bundaberg distillery

The Underproof is a pot still distilled Rum, meaning it is more flavorsome and it’s rested in oak vat for the minimum time required under Australian law (so it’s a little rough around the edges in an endearing characteristic way).

The company has been actively seeking to improve its image around the world and has been experimenting with different cask types and longer aging in an effort to smooth out the edges a little more.

This activity has been met with some success as the brand has started picking up awards at various Spirits competitions.
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