Brugal RumBrugal Rum

Founded in 1888
Founded by Andrés Brugal Montaner, a Spanish expatriate during the latter half of the 19th century, Brugal 1888 was a big departure from the traditional styles of the times. What sets this distinctive Rum apart from the rest is firstly, the method of distillation. Brugal removes many of the heavy alcohols than other Rums, resulting in a cleaner, dryer Spirit, less sweet than most.

Another distinctive quality, is that every drop of Brugal is cask-aged, like a single malt Whisky. Distilled from fermented molasses, 1888 is a blend of Rums aged from 5 to 14 years in American white oak casks, and finish matured in first-fill Sherry oak casks.

Every Brugal Rum is a pure, handcrafted masterpiece, meticulously distilled using a recipe passed down through generations. The company weaves together different cask types and char/toast conditions so that their Master Blenders or Maestro & Maestra Roneros have sufficient marques to work with.

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Flavor Spiral™

About The Flavor Spiral

dark chocolate
slightly sweet
What does Brugal taste like?

The Flavor Spiral™ shows the most common flavours that you'll taste in Brugal rum and gives you a chance to have a taste of it before actually tasting it.

We invented Flavor Spiral™ here at Flaviar to get all your senses involved in tasting drinks and, frankly, because we think that classic tasting notes are boring.