Founded in 1794
The Bridge of Don Distillery is so-named, because it resided in a suburb of Aberdeen, called The Bridge of Don. The town was named after an actual bridge that crossed the River Don nearby. Makes sense, right?
Anyway... Aberdeen is on the eastern coast of the southern Highlands.

The site where the distillery once stood is now part of a storage yard for an oil field products company, off a roundabout on Route A90... which seems kind of sad, don't you think?

Very little is known about the Bridge of Don Distillery, except that official records indicate that it was, at one time, very productive for its day. It was founded in 1794, making it both very early in the history of Scottish spirits, and definitively illegal.

According to various sources, it operated until 1820. And since the Excise Tax Act did not go into effect until 1825, we also know that the little illicit distillery never operated legally.

Distillery Details

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    United Kingdom, Scotland
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    Bridge of Don, UK
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