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Fruit Brandy

Apples, pears, cherries and plums—oh my! When it comes to Fruit Brandy, just about any of nature's candy will do.

Fruit Brandy is made from the distilled mash or juice of culinary fruits. And while you can find it all around the world—from the United States to Slovakia—America, the EU and the UK have slightly different definitions on what qualifies as one.
What is Fruit Brandy? 
Fruit Brandy is the default term for all Brandies that are made from fermenting fruit other than grapes. It should not be confused with Fruit-Flavored Brandy, which is grape Brandy that has been flavored with the extract of another fruit.
Why is Brandy called Brandy?
Brandy derives its name from the Dutch word brandewijn, meaning "burned wine." 
Does Brandy go bad?
Brandy, unopened, does not go bad if kept away from heat and light. Once a bottle of Brandy is opened, it's got about 1 to 2 years left before noticeable degradation in flavor and quality.
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