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While Gin has always been associated with Great Britain and top hats, it was actually invented in Holland in the Middle Ages. It evolved from herbal medicine to a beloved herbaceous Spirit most welcome in classy cocktails.

Gin can be made using any neutral spirit, and as the origin of the word Gin implies (Juniperus), the main botanical is Juniper, but almost every Gin comes with a number of different other ingredients. Producers usually use anise, angelica root, licorice, lime peel, saffron, and coriander, while some bolder distillers even add rhubarb, seaweed, nettle, and raspberries.

Gin is now more than just a dancing partner to Tonic, though. Numerous premium brands offer such quality, mixing them with anything would be a mortal sin, while the industry is increasingly aging Gin in casks, producing unbelievable and unprecedented results.

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