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Australian Whiskey

Tasmania is the epicenter of Whisky production in Australia. They have all of the necessary components to make Whisky: water, barley, and even peat, yes peat, even though their’s is pretty different than Scotland’s. Bill Lark was the pioneer of Whisky production in Australia. The early 90’s were the start of the Australian Whisky era.

Most of the distilleries in Australia are very small producers. The best known distilleries in Tasmania are Lark, founded in 1992 -the oldest distillery in the state- and Sullivans Cove, established in 1994 (the second oldest).

Most of the Whisky distillers in Tasmania use malt from local brewers, like Cascade -the oldest continually operating brewer in Australia- and newer craft brewers like Moo Brew. Learn more about Australian Whisky distilleries by clicking on our interactive map!

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