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American Whiskey

Since before the United States of America was… well, before it was the United States of America, the hearty colonial pioneers have been making distilled spirits there. Heck, even the founding fathers had side businesses making Rye Whiskey back in the day. George Washington himself was famous for it.

From Kentucky Bourbon to Tennessee Whiskey, the American Whiskey tradition is known and beloved worldwide. And even though Americans flirted with abstinence during the dark days of Prohibition [shudder!], they always seemed to find their way back to making a good warming dram to enjoy on a cold night, or at a ball game, or gosh darn anywhere they pleased because they were free dang it!

Keeping track of all the great adult beverages being made in the States can be a hard thing to do. But we’ve got your back! We have compiled a listing of the distilleries that produce them on this interactive map. Click-away and discover the distilleries of America!

American Whiskey brands & distilleries
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