Bootlegger 21-inspired Gift Sets

If you're looking for the perfect spirited gift for someone who absolutely adores Bootlegger 21, look no further.

Here, you can build your own Gift Set that will radiate with all the Bootlegger 21 magic in 2 simple steps.


Pick a Spirited Liquid

Whoops, seems like there are no Bootlegger 21 Spirits in stock at the moment. Check out our Gin shop - we're sure you'll find something neat there.


Add a nifty merch item

Every fine Spirit deserves to be tasted in the most sophisticated way, so add something from our Merch Selection: maybe a classy concrete coaster or a Flaviar-branded Glencairn tasting glass?

Gift a Membership

Can't decide what to get them? Simply make them a member of Flaviar, the largest premium Spirit club and introduce them to the exciting world of flavors.

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