Kentucky Straight Bourbon (63.7%)

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They say this is a sledgehammer Bourbon. It is. Bam!
Booker’s Bourbon is one of the small batch, cask strength (63.7% Vol.) Bourbons produced by the Jim Beam distillery. 
Booker Noe (Jim Beam's grandson) originally bottled this straight-from-the-barrel bourbon as gifts to close friends and family, but eventually made it available to the general public. Each barrel of Booker's bourbon was hand-selected by Noe and was aged at the center of the rackhouse, where the company says that the temperature and humidity are the most favourable for fine Bourbons. 

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  • Style
  • Region
  • Country
    United States
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
  • Bottler
    James B. Beam Distilling Co.
  • Age
    6-8 Year Old
  • Chill Filtered?

Flavour Spiral™

About The Flavour Spiral

spicy orange
sweet vanilla
sweet tobacco
What does Booker's Kentucky Straight Bourbon (63.7%) taste like?

The Flavour Spiral™ shows the most common flavours that you'll taste in Booker's Kentucky Straight Bourbon (63.7%) and gives you a chance to have a taste of it before actually tasting it.

We invented Flavour Spiral™ here at Flaviar to get all your senses involved in tasting drinks and, frankly, because we think that classic tasting notes are boring.
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Dog Dogson's
Straight Bourbon must be matured for at least 2 years. If a bottle does not bear an age it is at least 4 years old.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Colour
Smoky deep amber orange.
Smell / Nose / Aroma
Huge but soft. Vanilla, honey, molasses, orange, tropical fruits, black banana and spice. Meaty aroma and cedar.
Flavour / Taste / Palate
Massive and intense. Spicy, sweet - almost liqueur like and hot. Blackberry and burnt sugar. Oak, then dryness (tannin, tobacco). 
Hot, long, spicy and intense. Almond, wood, corn, a touch of maple syrup, pepper.
While it is not necessary to cut the bourbon with water, a splash or two of distilled water is recommended (by Booker Noe) to unlock some of the flavour.

Flavour spiral
Rye, spicy, orange, oak, sweet, vanilla, black cherry, smoky, syrup. 

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