You Need to Try this Scotch Cocktail

You Need to Try this Scotch Cocktail

Scotch, lemon juice and honey are old friends; the delicious balance of sweet and citrus notes is simply divine — and makes a fantastic base for a spectacular cocktail.
Cue the Penicillin.

This smoky twist on a Whisky Sour has established itself as one of the most famous new-classic cocktails of the century. Its complex character delivers a whirlwind of flavor with the zing of ginger juice and the aromatic fragrance of a smoky scotch to top it all off.

And for a cocktail as famous as the Penicillin, only an equally famous scotch will do. The super smooth, perfectly balanced character of The Famous Grouse is just the trick to whipping up a round of your own at home.

Claim your bottle of The Famous Grouse today, and we’ll gift you a limited-edition rocks glass featuring the beloved Gilbert, the grouse — the perfect vessel for your Penicillin! Get yours now. Cheers!



2 oz The Famous Grouse
.75 oz Lemon juice
3/8 oz Honey syrup*
3/8 oz Sweetened ginger juice**
.25 oz Famous Grouse Smoky Black
Glass: Rocks


Add all of the ingredients, except the Famous Grouse Smoky Black, to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a rocks glass and float the Famous Grouse Smoky Black on top.

*The honey syrup is 3 parts honey to one part water.
**The sweetened ginger is 4 parts ginger juice to 3 parts granulated sugar.

Claim your bottle of The Famous Grouse and get a limited-edition glass now!

Please Sip Responsibly. This article is produced in sponsorship with one of our spirited partners.

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