Flaviar Joined Forces with WhistlePig: Here are 2018 Rye Blends!

Flaviar Joined Forces with WhistlePig: Here are 2018 Rye Blends!

Introducing the next chapter of the Flaviar WhistlePig Blend: a bi-coastal blending at two epic locations in NYC and LA --Flaviar Members' Exclusive Whiskey Blending session with the masters of Rye.
The feud between East and West Coast has taken us from sports, to hip-hop, and now onto Whiskey, the battle continues20 insanely lucky Members and their friends, two cities, one goal: to find that sweet spot of Madeira, Sauternes and Port.
Our last Flaviar WhistlePig Blend took place in Vermont on the magical WhistlePig Estate. This year our Flaviaristas far and wide packed their bags and jet setted off to two epic locations: NYC and LA.
We’re still dreaming of the views, the unique atmosphere, and most of all the Whiskey… and while waiting for our liquid gold, here’s a taste of this year’s stunning WhistlePig adventure…

Is West Coast The Best Coast?

In the beginning of August we assembled our dream team of Members, WhistlePig experts and the Flaviar team and headed to the City of Angels where not only we enjoyed a primetime, unforgettable Whiskey blending experience, but had exclusive first looks at the stunning Hotel Figueroa.

Within the gilded walls of this ethereal Spanish style hotel, each group of Members spent the day drinking cocktails and concocting their dream Whiskey, before voting on the supreme blend...

Every group had 4-5 members, and their own blending table

The West Coast team with the winning dram: “Team Crooked Table” and their WhistlePig Rye Flaviar Blend 2018 Los Angeles Edition.
Whiskey Blending is a subtle alchemy, and once again Flaviar Members have proved their natural acumen for this art

Beast Coast Blenders

At the end of August in the last days of summer bliss, WhistlePig made their way to the East coast— NYC, high above the bustling city streets, in the swanky View of the World Terrace Club Quarters Hotel (World Trade Center), Manhattan, NYC.

LA —> NYC...2,789.6 mi. the adventure continues...
With the Flaviar and WhistlePig team offering Sprit-ual guidance, each group was advised on which flavor profiles to focus, and just how to strike that perfect balance between Madeira, Sauternes and Port.
At the stroke of sunset, with sublime views of all Manhattan, NYC WhistlePig blenders battled it out overlooking a twinkling skyline before voting for the best blend.

The East Coast Champions? In the end "Whiskey Team Steve" took home the glory with their WhistlePig Rye Flaviar Blend 2018 New York Edition.
As for the glorious juice. You can have a taste for yourselves and decide…

Here’s what our Master Blenders had to say:

"Flaviar’s Whiskey Blending Experince with WhistlePig Whiskey completely exceeded my expectations and has made it hard for me to attend normal tastings now, haha!"
— Randy, Flaviar Member
"Slightly competitive but also super chill because, you know... you're blending Whisky!"
— Tiffany, Flaviar Member
"Free drinks, meeting new people, and learning something new. It was a really fun night, just have a ride home lined up."
— Ian, Flaviar Member
"Don’t miss an opportunity to participate in a Flaviar event. It’s an amazing bonus to an already fabulous membership."
— Paul, Flaviar Member
"My first Flaviar event set the bar extremely high for events to come. The spirits, the views and the company made for one fantastic evening."
— Will Flaviar Member

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