10 Ways to Win over Your Wedding Guests with Whisky

10 Ways to Win over Your Wedding Guests with Whisky

Wedding season has arrived, and most of us love the excuse to dress up, flounce around in the sunshine, and strike cheesy poses with the bride and groom. For many of us, it’s also an opportunity to sample copious amounts of delish delicacies from around the world and for the newlyweds, it's a moment they can make their mark on the party.

Choosing a specific Spirit or featuring the cocktails they drank on their first date is a great touch. But nothing Says “I do” better than these Spirited wedding gifts. Let’s talk about making Whisky stand out at the start of your wedding idea. For all you Whisky lovers, read on for some wondrous wedding ideas.

1. Whisky tasting

Show off your favourite Whisky at a table at the reception, label and describe each one for that personal touch. Decant each bottle for an elegant look, and select bottles that match your wedding theme. The bride or groom could prepare this in secret as a surprise for the other, which is a nice touch!

2. Host your wedding at a distillery

A Whisky distillery is a unique option and could be your ideal backdrop and give you some stunning wedding photos to remember. They’ll be able to help you create a killer Whisky tasting and with some breathtaking locations from Lindores Abbey near Fife, Scotland to Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn, New York.

3. Pre-wedding Whisky to calm the nerves

Nobody wants a bride or groom reeking of booze, so have a light Whisky and a generous helping of ice to share with your nearest and dearest as you get ready. An ideal moment for the photographer to capture too. I’d say avoid the hip flask, there’ll be plenty of time to boozing and it’s much more fun to use these options, which include everyone that’s invited.

4. Whisky bar

Rather than a Whisky tasting, why not dedicate a whole room to a Whisky bar or a pop-up Whisky lounge. Take some vintage furniture, an old leather suitcase and some well-worn suitcases and create a chill-out space for your guests to relax and have a good natter before the dancing begins. Perfect for a marquee, or a quiet area in a garden wedding.

5. Whisky favours

From Whisky tasting samples to xxx you can go really wild here. Use test tubes if you love science, put them in potion bottles for Harry Potter fans, a fill your own Whisky station with empty miniature bottles - guests can pick their favorite Whisky.

Or simple go with pick and mix miniatures, fun for all the guests who can get to know each other through the game. You can always add a personalized glass for each of the guests too. Tie a little thank you note around the neck of each bottle.

6. Food and Whisky pairings

Take your guests on a culinary journey on your special day. Unusual combinations like smoked salmon, oysters or even blue cheese and an array of hams, make a great combination and something for your guests to get excited about. Go bold and make a unique food and Whisky pairing that will make your wedding day one that will stand out among the others.

7. Signature cocktails

What more needs to be said? Incorporate your favorite cocktails such as an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Boulevardier, or go one step further and create your own summer Whisky. If you and your partner can’t get enough of Whisky, this is a great way to add a fun, personal touch to your special day.

8. Pick a drinking theme

This one is a cracker and tells your guests a little about you. So use Whisky to share with everyone you’ve invited your story - you could pick a Whisky from every country you’ve traveled to together, or every place you’ve lived throughout your lives. Annotate the bottles or leave cards along with the tasting notes that explain where the Whisky is from and what this means to you both.

9. Whisky themed party

Make Whisky the start of the party. Once your guests have had dinner, and settled in, time for the party to start! Bring out a Whisky punch so guests can serve their own drinks, instead of a Champagne tower have a Whisky tower, bring out Whisky cupcakes, and as the final touch bring out the 1960s inspired costumes for your photocall.

10. Whisky toast

Use your favorite Whisky for a meaningful toast that’s tailored to you. That special bottle you’ve been saving - don’t leave it tucked away any longer - bring it to the wedding and keep it on the top table for your toasts.

Remember for all the ideas I’ve mentioned, it’s wise to hold off on anything too high alcohol until your guests have been served some substantial food. You want to make sure they make it through the night!

Have you always dreamed of having a Whisky themed wedding? Or was Whisky already part of your special day? We’d love to hear how you did it in the comments below.

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