This Summer Drink More Whisky! Here is How.

This Summer Drink More Whisky! Here is How.

Now that summer has (supposedly) arrived, it’s time to crack out the good stuff and enjoy a dram in the sunlight.

While many images of Whisky exist of it in front of a roaring winter fire, there are also some mighty good drams that can be enjoyed in the summer heat.

There are countless numbers of ways to enjoy Scotch in the good weather, starting with a good ole Old Fashioned.

The Old Fashioned in a New Way

The Old Fashioned is a great cocktail for anytime of year, and really lends itself to adaptation. To enjoy an Old Fashioned in the summer, you don’t have to think too hard.

It’s already a cocktail that has a summer tone to it, with orange bitters and sugar in it, but in the summer, you can add different things to make it that bit more exotic.

There are different recipes for Old Fashioneds all over the place, and many include a dash of soda. This in itself gives it a light, refreshing taste, but to fully get the good weather vibes, you can try adding elderflower or even lemonade.

The fizz is a great addition and adds a cooling touch. You can also be creative with your garnishes, by adding some cucumber or lemon to give it that summer feel.

The Highball

The Highball is a simple but artful cocktail. It consists only of spirit and mixer, poured over ice and served in a Highball (tall) glass. This is the perfect summer drink, and again, like the Old Fashioned, is easily adaptable.

You can use refreshing club soda, or again, elderflower for the mixer, giving it a nice summer feeling from the get go. The tall glass is key to the Highball and when stacked with ice it's refreshing and cooling - the perfect summer glassware.

On The Rocks

Speaking of ice, drinking Whisky on the rocks (shhhh don’t tell the purists) is the perfect way to cool down any dram.

While many argue it changes the flavour and should not be done, everyone enjoys a Whisky over ice now and then, especially when the sun is blazing down.

If you don’t want to ruin your dram, there are ways around this. You can invest in a good set of Whisky stones, or you can simply put your glass in the freezer before you use it. Whisky stones are a great way to enjoy Whisky in the summer, and they look pretty classy as well.

Lighter Bodied Drams

If you’re looking for something summery and refreshing, then try some drams with a lighter body.

Auchentoshan is a great example of a light bodied Scotch, down to the fact that it is triple distilled. This is one of the few drams in Scotland to be made in this way, which is a typically Irish tradition, but Auchentoshan has a great flavour profile and a light body.

The Auchentoshan American Oak is an especially fine example of how they capture a sweet and light malt. This dram is full of vanilla and coconut and floats over the taste buds.

Jura 10 is another example of a wonderfully light malt. It is full of typical seaside tones but with a lovely easy going and smooth mouth feel. It has a lovely cereal note running through it as well, which is refreshing and light.

Finally we have the Dalwhinnie 15. This dram is well known for its lightness and is deliciously sweet. After one of these you won’t need any dessert. This expression is soft and floral, with lots of blossom and orchard fruits running through it. It is the perfect dram for a warm summer’s evening, sitting on the porch and enjoying the sunshine.

Dalwhinnie 15 YO

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