6 Tips That Will Help You Save Money on Fine Spirits

With the holiday season taking its toll on your bar, you might have found yourself wondering if you’re spending a little too much on spirits. It’s a valid question, but we know you won’t want to forego one of life’s greatest pleasures.

That’s why we’ve come up with six tips for you to keep your spirit level steady and make sure your taste buds get their needed indulgence without your wallet getting an unnecessary weight loss plan.

1. Sharing is Caring.

It’s a good idea to buddy up on bottles. You buy an Irish Whiskey whilst your friend gets a Scotch, then share these out into your respective crystal decanters and hey presto! You’ve not only doubled your range of drinks, but the cabinet looks great too!

2. Seek out the leftovers.

There’s always stuff in your local off license or liquor store that’s been gathering dust or has old season styling. They may even have some spare bottles of little appeal to the mainstream buyer or the gift purchaser. This is your chance to negotiate a decent discount if you can get them on a good day.

3. Giving is good, receiving is even better.

When a birthday or special occasion is coming up, family and friends are always keen to know what spirits you like. Maybe it’s a good time to start dropping hints? Your loved ones always want to get a gift with a lifespan and a fine bottle beats a scarf or the annual pack of thermal socks.

4. Taste before you buy.

You’ll never lose out on the stuff you know you like, but where you’re unsure about a spirit you may be collecting costly drinks cabinet ornaments. Avoid this by organising tastings with friends and share out the costs.

And go for spirits tasting packs too. They’ll give you your usual tipple for a fraction of the price and you get to taste a lot more drinks at the same time.

5. Look out for deals (these and others).

An eagle eye will always spot the sweepstakes, the giveaways, the discounts and any other ways of grabbing a bargain online. Become an eagle!

6. Order online.

It’s a no brainer. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend cutting out the middle men on all of your needs, sometimes going online will bag you the best deal. You’ll also find a lot more deals online, so give it a whirl.

After all this you may then be thinking: how much should I spend? Well, that all depends on how spirit thirsty you are, how many friends you like to entertain and how well stocked you like your cabinet and bar to be.

Following these tips makes it possible for you to still have all the pleasure of fine spirits, but with a little bit less of the wallet worry.
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