Triple P of a Great Bar

Whether it’s a regular sports bar or a high-end cocktail joint, every place needs that "special something" to make it on to our favourites list.

We broke it down into three Ps:


We know that new-age mantras rightly make you unfriend people who insist on sharing them on Facebook, but for this one we’re going to take the risk: “Do it with passion or not at all” should be the No.1 rule for anyone thinking of opening a bar.

When a bar is run with genuine passion, it will have a character and it will ooze personality. Don't you just love bars that are unique and interesting?

Some of them have their own special rituals, others flaunt their personality through the quality of their drinks selection and menus. Speaking of which, we hate extremely long drinks menus for their own sake or just because the bar feels a need to have something for everyone.

There is a single-question bar personality test: can you imagine this bar being an interesting person? No? Move on. Yes? Time to find out about their signature drinks!


Behind the bar we like to meet guys (and girls) who know what they’re doing, but don’t overdo it in a pretentious, uptight way. When they enjoy their job and are friendly and knowledgeable about the drinks they can really get our taste buds quivering.

People coming into the bar are important, too. The cosy and homely feel of a small corner bar filled with locals is really heartwarming, and if you happen to be one of them and even known by name... ahh... nirvana!

Hotel bars and big city bars tend to be the exact opposite of this, but they can still have a great vibe and be a visual extravaganza as they slowly fill up with a colourful mix of people.


Décor, lighting and music are 'The Holy Trinity' of the bar ambience. They set the tone for whether it's an intimate conversation, a loud debate or a full-on party to be had in it and tell the story of a bar and its owner.

A bar will never convince us it’s a genuine tiki bar when it’s playing the Top50 pop chart on repeat. Actually, come to think of it, no self-respecting bar should be playing the Top50 pop chart, right...?

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