Generations of college students have been trying to figure this one out: why does Tequila give me the worst hangovers?

Unlike Kobe Bryant, Tequila isn’t just for excessive shooting, though. It can help shrink your waistline and it doesn’t even have to lead to crazy hangovers. But how? Let’s get woke as we answer the top questions on your mind. Hint, hint: Ratatouille may be making a guest appearance in the video.


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Unlike Kobe Bryant, Tequila isn’t just for excessive shooting. It can help shrink your waistline and it doesn’t even have to lead to crazy hangovers.
But how? Let’s get woke as we answer the TOP questions on your mind.

Is Tequila good for me? 

It can be! Tequila can have as little as 65 calories per shot (that’s like 1 chicken nugget). However, most people supersize things by adding margarita mix.

Too many margs or cute cocktails will guarantee both your waist AND your night will spiral out of control. Substitute sugary mixers with club soda and lime juice or sip slowly on the rocks. Vodka soda isn’t ALWAYS the answer!

Can drinking Tequila help me lose weight?

Depends… do you trust science and Ratatouille?

Several studies on mice lead to a surprising conclusion: agavins, a non-digestible sugar found in agave, can decrease ghrelin, aka “the hunger hormone”, by 16-42%, thus suppressing the sensation of hunger.

Just to be clear, these mice were not served Tequila shots during the research process - we wouldn’t be shocked if the scientists had a few, though. 

Why does Tequila give me the worst hangovers? 

Because you deserve it. Tequila doesn’t cause hangovers, people cause hangovers. If you’re taking multiple shots at a time, you’re sitting first class on a direct flight to hangover city. Either avoid shots altogether or space them out. Also, in the case of Tequila, it’s ok to discriminate based on color.

Drink quality, 100% clear Tequila (it’ll say ‘Silver’ or ‘Blanco’ on the bottle) versus browner options - most of those have additives that make your liver work overtime. And lastly, avoiding sugary mixers isn’t just good for your waist, it’ll do wonders for your head. 

Why are some Tequilas colored? 

The gold color of some Tequilas can have two reasons: either the Tequila was aged in barrels that gave it a brown hue or, more commonly, caramel or coloring was added to give the Spirit its golden color. Usually, colored Tequilas are a mix of liquids that are not 100% agave, but sometimes, gold Tequila is 100 percent agave. This is typically achieved by mixing a silver Tequila with a high quality, aged Tequila. 

Is Tequila the same as Mezcal? 

Nope! Think of it this way, Tequila and Mezcal are like iPhones and smartphones. While they share a similar origin (the Mexican agave plant), Tequila is produced from a specific plant AND place - the blue agave plant in Jalisco - whereas Mezcal comes from other Mexican agaves. All iPhones are smartphones, but not all smartphones are iPhones. 
So...what’s the hold up? Go APPLY what you’ve learned, because knowledge without action is like a party without Tequila: not that fun.