Hey, don’t mind us. Just peering at the five tabs taking up precious real estate on your browser window. Each one trotting out the usual Father’s Day gifting suspects. 

Ties. Socks. T-shirts with eye-roll-worthy fishing puns. Sorry to break it to you, but your Dad doesn’t really want any of it. We know, we know. He trotted out the age-old “I’ll love anything you get me” trope and you bought it... hook, line, and sinker. (Beat you to it, Dad.)


But you can do better than that. Hell, even Tony Hawk thinks you can do better than that. Show him you care and give your Dad or husband what he really wants: time with you. 

“I feel I’m the cliche for a ‘guy that has everything’ and … Flaviar membership, I already have one, two years in. And these Tasting Boxes are fun.”

The point is if a Flaviar membership is cool enough for the most iconic professional skateboarder in the game, it’s definitely cool enough for dear old Dad — and an outstanding way to bond as you explore the wild and wonderful world of spirits together.

So what does Tony Hawk know about Flaviar memberships? Turns out, quite a bit. And he’s completely on board with your Dad partaking in all of the perks, like... 

1. Tasting Boxes

Every three months, Flaviar members have the chance to claim the Tasting Box of their choice amongst a treasure trove of different themesRum, Mezcal, Bourbon, Scotch, you name it. 

Each box comes with several samples of spirits, so Dad’s not locked into an entire bottle if it doesn’t strike his fancy.

“I like the Tasting Boxes because it gets you a sample of each one and you’re not committing to a whole bottle and so you can really pick and choose your flavors,” adds Tony. “I also like that it’s unbiased, there are no labels on the Tasting Boxes, so it’s just a clean slate.” 

Whether you’re sitting side-by-side in person or FaceTiming across time zones, sharing a box, or ordering one for yourself, exploring new and delicious drams with each other, will bring you closer than ever. 

And as part of Dad’s membership, he’s automatically enrolled in Flaviar’s Spirits Delivery program which allows members to pick a full-size bottle every three months that gets shipped right along with their Tasting Box.

2. The Vault 

“The thing I like most about Flaviar membership is The Vault because it gives me access to rare and vintage Whiskies mostly and it’s very impressive. I love all the options there.”

That’s Tony again. And he knows a good thing when he sees it. 

The Vault is where we keep some of the most coveted and critically acclaimed spirits in the world. Once a month, we reveal a private selection of these rare releases to our members and give them the opportunity to snag these gems. Dad’ll appreciate elevating himself to baller status.


3. Unboxing Flavor Events 

“Are you saying am I a pro spirits taster? No. I’d more say I’m a sponsored amateur.” Maybe Dad can relate to Tony’s outlook. And sure, not everyone can be a spirits expert. 

But with our live and on-demand virtual tastings, Dad can explore a Flaviar Tasting Box with our spirits master, secret guests, and other aficionados while turning himself into a more confident sipper. 

“I can’t pretend to be an expert on the whole process or every single flavor profile,” adds Tony.


“So when you watch the unboxing, it breaks it down for you but you don’t have to be an expert to understand it.”

Your Dad will learn how to taste and describe the layers and nuances in a Spirit’s aroma and flavor, track his progress, refine his palate, and improve with every sip.  Not to mention feeling like an industry insider and learning how to find a $40 bottle that tastes like $200.

4. NightCap Live 

After getting his hands on some primo spirits, Dad is going to want to nerd out on what he’s tasting. Instead of boring the fam with tales of tasting notes and heady noses, we’ve got just the thing — a dedicated community forum that connects spirit experts, Flaviar staff, and members from across the world: NightCap Live

All he needs is an internet connection, access to Zoom, and bam! He’ll be talking shop and sharing drams with fellow spirit aficionados from the comfort of home — and away from the family dinner table. You’re welcome.

5. Flaviar Original Bottles

Here at Flaviar, we like to dabble in sourcing and blending, too. We have a Flaviar line of spirits that’s available to our members and can’t be found on the shelves of just any liquor store.

Behind our virtual bar, you’ll find bottles like Son of a Peat Scotch Whisky, Larga Vida Rum, Shakmat Armenian Brandy, Frérot Cognac, Corn Trooper Bourbon, and Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye. They’re beloved by both our members and spirits experts alike.

And who can blame them? We’ve carefully selected the best juice for the best price, and each label has its own fascinating tale to tell, like Frérot, the “people’s Cognac” — our first crowd blended bottle.

And Corn Trooper, a blend of seven straight Bourbons, from seven distilleries in seven different states. You know Lady Luck is loving the numerology on that one.

And if these perks haven’t convinced you to immediately add a Flaviar membership to your cart, we’re about to sweeten the pot for Dad: the first full-size bottle Dad will receive as part of this Flaviar membership is WhistlePig Piggyback Rye. No need to pull out any extra dough for that perk.

“I think that the idea that you’re always exploring, always trying new stuff, new techniques, new flavors, new styles... and I never want to stop exploring.” 

We’ll toast to that, Tony… and to all the Dads out there. Happy Father’s Day!