A few days ago we were doing what we love most – having friends over for a tasting. After enjoying a few drams, hunger started to creep in.
Luckily, we have a tried-and-tested recipe in place for moments like this. A few basic ingredients that can be found in almost any fridge, plus it makes a great spirits pairing.

To treat your friends to this snack, you will need:
→ Baguette
→ Duck liver pâté
→ Jam (we use fig jam)
→ Oil

Add a few drops of neutral-taste oil to the pâté and stir thoroughly to get creamy and light texture.

Gordon & MacPhail Old Pulteney 21 with pâté snacksCut a baguette into thick, rustic-style slices. Toast them until they’re crispy and smell so nice that your guests start “accidentally” popping into the kitchen asking if “you need any help”.

Spread generous portions of pâté over bread and top with fig jam, mixed with a few drops of your spirit of choice.

When serving, accompany with a glass of the same drink.

Talking about spirit – what should your choice be?

Cognac or any other Brandy (Armagnac, Spanish Brandy) is our go-to category. We tried it with Delord Bas Armagnac XO and it was quite a memorable flavour experience.

This time we put the recipe to test with a Scotch: Gordon & MacPhail Old Pulteney 21. Result? There was not a single breadcrumb left.