Creating Flaviar’s first Whisky was quite an operation…(which rhymes with frustration)... but eventually, we ended up with 8 different single malts that we got to blend this past August. To do that, we travelled to Thornhill, Scotland, roughly two hours from Edinburgh, where Son of a Peat was finally conceived.

So, here's our "How to create your own Scotch" guide in pics.

1. Fly to sunny Edinburgh

2. Drive on the left

3. Stop and appreciate the countryside

4. Wake up early (almost sunny!)

5. Find a brother in crime (David Stirk on the right that is!)

6. Hoard a cask or two...

7. ...and some more casks.

8. Take samples!

9. Blend!

10. Think!

11. Measure!

12. Bottle!

13. Enjoy the fruits of life and play guitar!

14. Ship fast and don’t break things!