Making Your Own Scotch Is Easy: Follow These 14 Steps

Creating Flaviar’s first Whisky was quite an operation…(which rhymes with frustration)... but eventually, we ended up with 8 different single malts that we got to blend this past August. To do that, we travelled to Thornhill, Scotland, roughly two hours from Edinburgh, where Son of a Peat was finally conceived.

So, here's our "How to create your own Scotch" guide in pics.

1. Fly to sunny Edinburgh

Son Of A Peat 01

2. Drive on the left

Son Of A Peat 02

3. Stop and appreciate the countryside

Son Of A Peat 03

4. Wake up early (almost sunny!)

Son Of A Peat 04

5. Find a brother in crime (David Stirk on the right that is!)

Son Of A Peat 05

6. Hoard a cask or two...

Son Of A Peat 06

7. ...and some more casks.

Son Of A Peat 07

8. Take samples!

Son Of A Peat 08

9. Blend!

Son Of A Peat 09

10. Think!

Son Of A Peat 10

11. Measure!

Son Of A Peat 11

12. Bottle!

Son Of A Peat 12

13. Enjoy the fruits of life and play guitar!

Son Of A Peat 13

14. Ship fast and don’t break things!

Son Of A Peat 14

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By Grisa Soba

Grisa Soba

Grisa Soba, Flaviar co-Founder



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