These are crazy, unprecedented times, and if you thought 2020 could not get more bonkers, there’s a tiger infestation in the fair land of Scots.

Due to the shutdown, the pulse of humanity has slowed down and moved indoors, giving nature an opportunity to come out of the woods and reconquer our streets and rivers. Dolphins are back in Venice and a town in Wales reported a herd of wild goats sauntering through the quiet suburbs.

In Scotland, however, the returning wildlife includes the indigenous Scottish Tigers that feast on crops, especially barley. In a different time, that would be a perfect premise for a TV docuseries, but now, it might mean danger to our supplies of Scotch, which is in high demand at the moment.

Authorities warn people should not engage with tigers, due to their capricious nature and pointy teeth. Science, on the other hand, warns it is just an April's Fool story. More to follow.