There is a mixologist in a Seattle bar that will surprise you with a cocktail ingredient you never thought was edible. 

"I like using ingredients that are earthy and unusual,"  Anu Apte says and makes you Gunpowder Punch, containing aged Rum, Rhum Agricole, Gin, spices, lemon juice, orange, and yes, actual antique-formula gunpowder

"My parents are into Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine. Gunpowder is just carbon, sulfur and potassium, all of which are used in homeopathy. I wouldn't tell anybody to just sit there and eat gunpowder, but in small quantities it's fine. It makes the punch gunmetal gray, which is cool. And it adds a sharp, nicely acidic, slightly metallic finish."

Note: This post is an excerpt of the article that was originally written by Megan Krigbaum for Food & Wine. Read full article here.