Founded in 2015
Founded by Conna native Peter Mulryan in 2014, the new distillery is based in the Enterprise Park, on the banks of the Blackwater River (“An Abhainn Mhór” ) from which it takes its name. It is the first micro-distillery to open in Waterford in 174 years, taking its place in the budding micro-distillery scene in Ireland.

They currently produce small batch Gin the “old fashioned way” with 100% Irish Spirit, real botanicals. Once a budding hub of commerce, the Blackwater River is now a famous salmon river. In Victorian times, White’s of Waterford grew immensely wealthy shipping sugar and cinnamon into the region.

Blackwater currently has 5 Gins in their line-up. Their award winning Blackwater No. 5 won Gold at the Irish Whiskey Awards. Their Boyle’s Gin, named after Robert Boyle, won Best Irish Gin at the 2016 Irish Whisky Awards. Also included in the line up is their unique Juniper Cask Gin, their Hedgerow Gin, and a Wexford Strawberry Gin.

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