Founded in 2013
The Black Button Distillery is a small business set up and run by Jason Barrett, which takes its name from his family’s long history of producing buttons for men’s suits. Barrett broke tradition, and instead of taking over his grandfather’s button factory, he turned to distilling.

Barrett opened the distillery at the age of just 24, in 2013. Back then, it produced just one Gin and a couple of moonshines (or white Whiskies). Today, the distillery’s portfolio has expanded to include three Bourbons, a Vodka, and another two Gins due for release in 2017.

Provenance is a big focus for Black Button; all of their suppliers are less than an hour’s drive from the distillery itself, meaning that the distillers meet directly with the farmers at their fields to talk crops, seasonality and harvesting, giving them more control over the end Spirits’ final flavors.

The Black Button Distillery offers regular tours and has a tasting room on site so that visitors can try their wares the way they intended.

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    85 Railroad St, Rochester, NY 14609, USA
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The Black Button Distillery is the first ‘grain to glass’ distillery to open in Rochester since Prohibition.
Video from Black Button Distilling
Video transcription
Black Button Distilling is gonna be making a wheat based Vodka, a citrus forward Gin, and an unaged corn Whiskey, as well as our four-grain Bourbon. We end up bringing in our products straight from the farmers, choose fields, choose grain varieties, talk about when we're gonna plant. In planning the distillery, I looked around at what grains were available, what did we grow well here in western New York, and ended up building the product line off of that.

You just end up obsessed about these little details to get everything right. We're hoping to grow this over time. There really is nowhere else in Rochester that I'd rather be than right here at the public market. Become involved in the process, see what we're doing, and see where the product is made. We want you to join us in bringing craft distilling back to Rochester, and I'll see you in the tasting room.

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