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The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
I think this is a good mixing gin, did not personally enjoy the bitters. If you like the floral gin taste i believe this one could be for you
The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
i don't drink Gin often but this Bitter Truth pink Gin is absolutely my favorite. the bitters had me afraid to try it at first but it was just amazing after that first sip. Great for Martinis too!
The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
Great martini gin!
The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
I feel sweetness and berries. Good to sip only itself. Especially every girls like it. I would repurchase.
The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
Very good sipping gin. My wife liked it and she normally doesn’t drink gin. You can taste the spice and juniper. Highly recommend
The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
This was one of the BEST GIN'S I have yet to taste. Very different. All of my friends I have shared it with absolutely Loved It. Highly recommended.
The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
Makes a nice martini, but as for a "gin pink" I'll make my own.
The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
After visiting Germany I've become a huge fan of the quality of liquor that is produced there, especially the gin(s). The Bitter Truth is a fun switch from more conventional gin (as are many German gins), if you are open to fun and tastey liquor, here is a nice one to try.
The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
Rather make this myself.