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Spiral Bender's Rye Whiskey NYC Batch
Rye Whiskey NYC Batch
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Color
Dark Amber

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Granola, leather, and cedar wood

Flavour / Taste / Palate
Rich with baking spices, pie crust, dark cherry, and a bit of truffle oil

Savory, a bit sweet, and potent
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At the end of the rainbow
you'll find a bottle of Whiskey.

Bender’s Whiskey is located on Treasure Island — a man-made island in the San Francisco Bay. The distillery was founded by Carl Bender, who hired Christopher Cohen as their Master Blender. Chris spends his days assembling Rye Whiskey batches from across North America into their signature — and only — product.

Bender's Rye Whiskey was first released in 2013. Every batch is different, so Bender’s tastes a bit different from year to year. What they are pouring today is a high rye combination of Rye and Corn Whiskeys without the barley or wheat that some producers mix in. That means that you get spice and tang ‘a-plenty. Rye Whiskey has seen a huge increase in popularity, mainly due to the explosion of craft cocktails that use it as a base. Bender’s Rye will fit right in with its stout, peppery flavour and 48% ABV.

Smartass Corner
If you’ve been to San Francisco you know that there are two ways cross the bay: The Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge. The latter actually looks like it was assembled from the left over parts of 5 or 6 other bridges. The first “leg” of this bridge runs from downtown San Francisco to Treasure Island.

  • Style
    Rye Whiskey
  • Region
    United States
  • Country
    United States
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    Treasure Island Distillery
  • Bottler
    Treasure Island Distillery


Rye Whiskey NYC Batch

(0.75l, 48%)

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Member Reviews and Ratings of Bender's Rye Whiskey NYC Batch
The rating is to get the attention. I'm a full bourbon lover, but just like wine, the third party flavors never came to me. But I will say, this Rye is comparable with other beautiful bourbons I fancy. Smooth but a nice reminder this is a Rye, not a bourbon.. GO PAT's! PS: def buy this bottle. Promise you will love it!
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