Bastille 1789

Bastille 1789 is a luxury French Whisky hand-crafted in the Cognac region. The Whisky is produced produced barley and wheat grown in northeast France, which is where some of the world’s finest Scotch producers source their malt. 

Bastille Master Distiller Jean Marc Daucort comes from a family with a long line of history in distilling. Over 150 Years.


Named after the year of the French Revolution, Bastille 1789 has blended and single malt offerings, which are distilled through Daucourt's ancient, copper alembic stills -traditionally used to distill Cognac.

Their Whiskies are aged for five to seven years in a combination of French Limousin Oak, cherry wood and acacia casks. It then goes through a secondary maturation. French Limousin Oak is one of the most expensive types of wood used for barreling.

Its loosely grained, porous character allows it to impart more flavor and tannins to the Whisky that it matures. The cherry and acacia casks also impart notes of cherry and dark chocolate, intesifying the flavor profile.

Bastille's single malt gets its unique taste profile from the Limousin Oak cask style that previously aged some of the finest wines such as Sauterne, Burgundy, Sherry as well as a French Spirit. 

Following maturation, the Whiskies are brought to proof with water sourced from the Gensac spring. This water has been naturally filtered for centuries through Grande Champagne limestone. 

Bastille 1789 Hand-Crafted Whisky has a light and spicy aroma, with hints of fresh apricots, ginger and chocolate. The Bastille 1789 Single Malt has notes and aromas of dried fruits, sweet spices and leather. 

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Bastille 1789