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Banks 5 Island Rum
Beautiful rum. Perfect for the classics, like daiquiris and mojitos. It's got a little grassy funk. Medium bodied, thick and oily. Smooth.
Banks 5 Island Rum
I guess I'm still not a white rum guy. Maybe it's too sophisticated for me. Distinctly different flavor spiral from the dark rums. I'm waiting for the neighbor to mix up some Mojitos with this.
Banks 7 Golden Age Rum
Would definitely buy again... If there were not so many new options to try! Try it, you won't be disappointed
Banks 7 Golden Age Rum
Brutally unsubtle. Did not like.
Banks 5 Island Rum
This rum has a bold, unique personality and stands on its own well in a rum-forward cocktail like a daiquiri. It even has a great looking bottle that doesn't hog space in your cabinet. It's a bit more earthy than your standard issue white rum, so just be aware.