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Bache Gabrielsen Cognac VSOP Pure & Rustic
Bache Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic VSOP is an outstanding, delicate, VSOP Cognac from Bache Gabrielsen's Pure & Rustic Range. Created by the Cellar Master of Bache Gabrielsen - Jean-Philippe Bergier - the range shows off a modern, light, elegant style of Cognac. This expression is made using 75% Fins Bois and 25% Borderies Cognac. It opens with notes of apple, pear & white flowers; a palate with fruit, beer, hay, spice, wood & a hint of floral notes, while the finish is soft with notes of white grape, roasted grain & sugar.
Bache Gabrielsen XO Cognac Natur & Eleganse
Amazing nose. Notes of citrus and cinnamon