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Avua Oak Cachaça
Interesting product with a rich oak flavor. This is a sugar cane rum which is different from normal molasses rums. I made several Caipirinha's with Auva and Leblon Cachaca, and shared them with friends. Both were good, but the Auva had a lot more fruity flavor, and tasted smoother. The company is looking for investments on WeFunder, and they have several Cachaca's available. Would be worth a trip to Brazil to see their process!
Avua Oak Cachaça
I received: Avuá Cachaça Amburana is an outstanding, intense, hand-crafted single-sourced Cachaça by Katia Espírito Santo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is made with hand-cut sugarcane that is ground with a waterwheel to extract the juice, which is fermented for less than 24 hours using airborne wild yeasts & distilled in an alembic copper pot still. The cachaça rests for up to 2 years in casks made from Amburana wood. It has an aromatic birth with notes of dark fruits & baking spices; a fruity & spicy life adds notes of black cherry, caraway, cardamom, anise, allspice, nutmeg & hay; that leads to a warm & earthy death with notes of crème brûlée, citrus zest, anise & wood. More like a fruit brandy than rum!
Avua Oak Cachaça
Grassy Flavor that finishes like bourbon. Notes of molasses, Dill weed, Vanilla
Avua Oak Cachaça
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Avua Oak Cachaça
Avua Amburana Cachaca
Definitely reminds me of a savory cherry pie which more cherry than sugar filling. Because of that it’s savory on the front and the spice hits you on the back end. Not my typical go to, but found it at a local craft bar and thought I’d Tyra something new. I had a mixed drink before with this incorporated in it. It was good in a Manhattan like drink!