Auchentoshan Heartwood

Auchentoshan Heartwood

(1l, 43%)


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Auchentoshan Heartwood is everything a single-malt aficionado craves in a signature lowland Whisky, but more… more aroma, more flavor, and just plain more-more of it.

Antique records from the year 1800 mention an illegal Duntocher distillery, which may have been a predecessor to the legal Auchentoshan distillery. A license for distillation was obtained in 1823. It is the only Scottish distillery left employing a true full-time third distillation. This makes for a sweeter and more delicate Scotch, which is unique. The Distillery is located near Glasgow (that's why it's also known as Glasgow's Malt Whisky) in the Lowland region of Scotland.

Uncle Flaviar always reminds us to watch out for bottles like this. They are a full liter—not the more common 750ml or chintzy 70cl variety. When you see a full 1L on the bottle, it means that this was made for the travel market and is likely a bit different from anything that you can get at home. Auchentoshan Heartwood is a full liter of glorious lowland Scotch Whisky nectar. 
Triple distilled and aged in a classic combination of Oloroso Sherry and ex-Bourbon casks, Auchentoshan Heartwood sings with notes of hazelnut and cafe’ latte with candies orange zest just to make it interesting. In short, it is everything a single-malt aficionado craves in a signature lowland Whisky, but more of it. More aroma, more flavor and just plain more-more of it.

Flavor Spiral™

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dark chocolate
orange zest
What does Auchentoshan Heartwood taste like?

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Dog Dogson's
Scotch Whisky is seldom aged in new barrels. Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey casks are usually used for maturation. In addition to that, Whisky is often matured or finished in various wine casks such as Sherry or Port.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Amber Rose   
Nose / Aroma / Smell 
Candied orange zest, nutmeg, cafe’ latte, and pears
Flavor / Taste / Palate
hazelnuts and creamy coffee with spiced apples
Warm … baked cinnamon-apple bread
Ratings & Reviews
This was a very one-dimensional dram to me and it just was, sadly, quite boring. Lots of sweet sherry, strawberry jam, and a touch of cinnamon in the nose. Time brought out a little orange. Taste was more of the same with slight oak hiding in the background. Nothing unique nor exciting about this one whatsoever.
The taste is a contrast with the label on the bottle. The label is gloomy, without any fringes. By contrast, the Whiskey is anything but gloomy. A description of an expert / supplier wrote the following quote: "Nose: a rather dry, almost grassy kind of sherry. Hints of wood chips, giving it a green touch. Orange oils and lime zest, yellow rosemary and toffee. Apple peel and hints of cocoa. a little caramel, but it quickly picks up peppery notes and some resinous oak, making it bittersweet. Some toasted (burnt) nuts and a biting grainy note. Finish: not too long, with zesty citrus and the bitterness of dark chocolate. " Here I really have nothing to add ....... De beschrijving maakt je nieuwsgierig en nodigt je uit, om langzaam de geur, de kleur en de smaak op te nemen. `Cheerio`, 'Bless you!' , 'santé' , 'skol' or 'Gesundheit!'
Has a good vanilla flavour in the beginning which turns to some wooden polish / varnish and then some burnt wood. Whisky is smooth as its triple distilled.
It has a good, sweet taste, not so strong.
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