Asombroso Tequila The Collaboration

AsomBroso Asombroso Tequila The Collaboration

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Asombroso Tequila’s The Collaboration is one of the most amazing Tequilas you will ever find with an unmatched presentation … this is art. 
Ricardo and Jarrett Gamarra own Asombroso Fine Tequilas, located in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. To say that they specialize in high-end Tequila releases is to do them an injustice. Every Tequila they create, every packaging they design, is a work of art in its own right. 
The word “asombroso” translates literally as “amazing.” If you are ever so privileged to give or receive some of their work, you will fine that they are named appropriately indeed. Asombroso currently has nine special editions available. Get your hands on any of them and you will feel blessed. 
Each decanter is hand crafted by glass-blowing masters in Murano, ItalyGambaro & Poggi. No two are exactly alike. That decanterthat art glass—is transported to you in a finely polished humidor that will display your glass and agave art piece and then care for your fine cigars once you are done. And the tequila inside is … well, the industry terms “super-premium” and “ultra-premium” seem inadequate. Let’s make up a new one, shall we? Asombroso Tequila’s The Collaboration is “Hyper-premium” agave art.
Once you have stopped staring at the decanter, you will discover what art tastes like. First, it is an XO 100% premium blue agave aged for 11 years is French oak, and then finished in former Cabernet Sauvignon American oak casks from Silver Oak Cellar’s in Napa Valley. This Tequila is separate … distinct from any other in the world. Some luxury labels promise a “singular” experience. Asombroso Tequila’s The Collaboration defines it. 
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    Tequila Anejo
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    California Tequila LLC

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Tequila goes bad with time. Once you open a bottle of Tequila, you better be in the mood to drink it. Generally, you have one to two months before oxidization and evaporation diminish the Tequila quality and destroy the Agave flavor profile.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Rich Warm Amber     
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Warm earth, vanilla, and cream  
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Buttery on the tongue with Tahitian vanilla and butterscotch with blackberries and a hint of oak   
Lingering … like a long, slow, passionate kiss 

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I’ve had it and the vanilla scent/taste is the thing I recall most. Also the smooth almost creamy finish. Would love more!!
Ready to try it!!!
Sounds like an excellent tequila
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