Arran The Arran 15 Year Old Scotch Private Sherry Cask

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One Sentence: 
Taste this limited edition, 15 yo, cask strength, Sherry-wood aged wonder-dram.      
About the Producer:
Harold Currie was a director at the famous Whisky producer Chivas. He somehow got it in his head that he could do better. Harold was also a fan of the Isle of Arran which had at one time been home to at least fifty illegal distilleries—due to its remote location and the fact that the king’s men would have to arrive by boat, giving the Scottish moonshiners plenty of time to hide the goods. But none of those ancient operations are left. 
So he saved up his pennies and took on a few investors and broke ground on his dream in 1994. But two golden eagles built a nest, and construction had to be stopped until the chicks were fully fledged. But it must be that Golden Eagles are good luck, because business is booming for the wee little Arran distillery that could. Today, they produce a tidy little range of single-malt offerings, several limited editions, two special blends, and a Scottish cream Liqueur. Turns out old Harold COULD do it better. 
About the Product:
If you are “in the know” about the Arran product line, you know that Whisky fans love their stuff. It’s really top notch. But you may also know that the good folks at Arran do not have a 15 yo Whisky in their core line-up. If you noticed, extra points to you. If not, let us explain. 
K&L is an independent bottler. They go out into Whisky world and find a cask or two of something special and buy the whole thing from the producer, put their little twist on it, and then issue a limited edition release. That’s what’s happened here. In this case, K&L bottled their cask at an odd year slot and served it at full cask strength. So you can’t even buy this special edition form Arran at all. 
At Flaviar, we know something special when we see it too. This Isle of Arran 15 yo Sherry Cask is everything a Scotch-lover is looking for—a perfectly aged has a beautiful nose, lovely full body, and will stand up to a splash of water. We say, if you can manage it, buy and save one for a special occasion—it’s that good. 

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Categories of Scotch Whisky: Single malt, Blended malt (formerly called Vatted malt), blended, single grain and blended grain Scotch.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Dried stone fruits and vanilla, but toffee and almonds open up with water 
Flavor / Taste / Pallet
Rich and creamy with baked apples and honey
Long and lingering spice that dries over time 
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