Kirsty’s Gin, made at the Arbikie Distillery in Scotland, is named after its Master Distiller, Kirsty Black. The Stirling family, which owns the Arbikie Highland Estate, enlisted Kirsty’s help in setting up the Distillery, and it is her name on the first Spirit in the Arbikie portfolio.

The Arbikie Distillery takes a field to bottle approach; meaning that everything needed to create their products is sown, grown, harvested and produced on site. Kirsty’s Gin is made with a potato Vodka base, which alone takes two weeks to make.

To that, traditional botanicals (juniper, coriander, angelica, liquorice and orris) are added, as well as some more distinctive flavors including sea kelp, thistle, and blueberries. The Gin is distilled very gently, taking a full day, before the cut is left to rest for a few weeks before bottling.

The result is a creamy Gin (no doubt from the potato base Spirit), with a hint of fruity sweetness, and a spicy, tangy finish from the coriander and berries.

Gin is not the only product produced by Arbikie. Their range also includes Vodka and Whisky.
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